The Players


David Lunken, Principal

David Lunken has more than 20 years experience as a results-driven senior executive with in operations, sales and marketing. At Cedarcroft Advisors, David uses his entrepreneurial and business skills working with senior leadership in organizations to help them build effective teams empowered to achieve and surpass business goals. An expert in clarifying, planning and aligning organizations and teams, David develops and implements effective solutions to help his clients win the race.

A natural entrepreneur, David’s talents emerged at a young age when he turned a gift of candy from an aunt into a store selling a variety of treats from his red Radio Flyer wagon parked in his suburban driveway. His entrepreneurial streak continued with a landscaping business, a canopy cleaning business and ultimately he founded and ran Stick People Tees, a specialty printing company . After running the company for seven years, he joined the marketing company Campus Concepts. In his 13-year career at Campus Concepts, David provided targeted marketing programs to Fortune 500 companies and rose to the position of Senior Vice President.

David also served as General Manager of Operations for Maryland Office Interiors, a full-service contract furniture company.  David managed the operations of this $100 million enterprise, including management of the hiring and productivity of more than 100 employees.  At MOI, David was a client of PI Midlantic and the internal champion for the Predictive Index® deployment. David’s knowledge of how PI Midlantic could make dramatic changes in an organization’s efficiency and success led him to join PI as a Senior Consultant and create Cedarcroft Advisors.

David holds a Bachelors of Arts in Philosophy from Hobart College and a Masters in Business Administration from the Kelly School of Business at Indiana University. When his children allow him free time, David is an avid triathlete.

David has a real knack for understanding people, what motivates them, and how best to maximize their respective talents within the workings of the larger team.  By asking the right questions David is able to bring the most critical content into the discussion. And, his ability to grasp complex technical processes and to quickly hone in on core issues is outstanding.