We help you identify the people and resources you need to overcome hurdles, move forward, and achieve success.

We guide this process by:

  • Setting clear and measurable goals
  • Identifying talent gaps or talent mismatch
  • Ensuring everyone can clearly articulate the goals and next steps


Assignment:  After completing the clarification phase and identifying the high level goals for a recently merged non-profit, we worked with four teams to create a three-year strategic plan.

Strategy:  To develop the plan, we guided each team through a SWOT analysis, identified key business drivers and metrics, and developed plans and timelines to support strategic initiatives. The SWOT process enabled the teams to clearly identify what is working, what is not working and visualize next steps.

Results:  As a result of the SWOT analysis, we were able to provide the client with a clear roadmap for the next three years and a strategic plan and measurable goals to begin executing immediately.