We help you build a team aligned to succeed powered by Predictive Index® results.

This includes:

  • Understanding one’s own behavioral profile, natural style and preferences Leverage strengths and value differences by better understanding one another’s natural styles of interaction, communication, conflict resolution and decision-making
  • Cultivating trust, communication and cooperation to increase overall productivity, employee satisfaction and effectiveness
  • Identifying motivation needs for individuals


Assignment:  As a result of the strategic planning process, we helped help the team align its members with the goals of the business.

Strategy:  To support this final phase of the process, the management team participated in the Predictive Index training program to learn how to be better managers, manage individual team members differently, and recognize the strengths and gaps within the team to support each member’s growth and development.

Results:  The results were remarkable.  We were able to redefine roles and responsibilities through the organization, develop job profiles for key positions and dramatically increase employee engagement.  This was executed by establishing clear Key Result Areas for all positions and putting the right people in the right roles. Most importantly, managers are now thinking and managing their employees and teams differently and more effectively.