We help you identify the results you want.

  • StrategicPlay® with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™ techniques to visual goals through 3D-thinking.
  • The Predictive Index® System to assess talent needs, fit and alignment.
  • Workshops and planning sessions to generate ideas leading to the development of measurable goals.
  • Beyondboarding™ to ensure culture match, support talent sourcing and selection, develop onboarding initiatives, and build engagement.


Assignment:  A recently reorganized team at a fast-growing biotech firm was unclear about how to articulate its value proposition.

Strategy:  We used a combination of tools to provide clarity. We started with StrategicPlay® with LEGO® to facilitate discussion about the team, its work and what members do. We used the Predictive Index® to help team members understand themselves and others, their communication styles, decision-making approach and motivating needs. Through a series of brainstorming activities we created a data set to establish the team’s key business drivers, its value proposition and its message.

Results:  As a result, team members were able to articulate the groups’ mission, vision, message and key business drivers simply and clearly. Additionally, the team clarified key relationships within the organization to target and focus on as next steps.