What We Do

We drive results by building successful teams and a winning organization


We help you clarify your vision, mission, and strategic direction. 

Program Assessment and Benchmarking

We provide a high-level analysis of your situation by using existing performance data, conversations with leadership, teams, volunteer leaders, and stakeholder and answer critical questions. We identify your current position inside your organization, outside perspectives, the external environment, and benchmark against like organizations.  By understanding what works well, what needs to change, areas of concern, weaknesses and strengths our team will understand the obstacles, low-hanging fruit, untapped opportunities, and new paths to pursue.

Strategic Planning

This process guides your organization to systematically develop a plan to clearly articulate your goals and objectives, to identify strategic initiatives and develop a plan to provide a roadmap for the next 3-5 years..  Whether in-person or virtual, we work with your entire team to gain alignment on visions,  organizational capabilities and understanding of who you are and what you do. Yes, we develop vision, mission, core managing principles, and strategic initiatives with your core team. But, more importantly, you develop a plan that you can use to take action and win.

Team Effectiveness

This process helps your team better understand themselves and others’ interactions, communication, risk and decision making. Utilizing various tools  including the Predictive Index (PI) and LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® (LSP), your team members engage in real life. The goal, instead of being annoyed by the differences among your team members, we help you leverage those differences to get more done with less resistance. 

Business Model Development

We help you to uniquely define, map-out, and rapidly prototype options to re-establish your business infrastructure. By looking at your past, your value proposition, your messaging and your opportunities we help you to quickly identify ways to position your “business model”. This process will benefit a start-up, established business or a specific business unit, or new initiatives within an organization.


We help you develop an actionable plan to overcome hurdles, move forward, measure progress and achieve success.

Executive Coaching

We provide expert guidance in helping senior executives who are either new to the job or experienced CEOs to focus on what matters, grow their leadership and decision-making skills while growing their organization.

Feasibility and Planning Studies

We assess your organization’s current status and position in the marketplace.
We review potential opportunities to advance your organization.
We assess the probability and practicality of implementing new projects.
We outline and highlight the scope and the planning process.

Create Philanthropic Revenue streams

We review and create effective Annual Giving Programs.
We establish or invest in New Major Gifts Fundraising Initiatives.
We identify and create a path for transformational giving opportunities.
We assess and develop Capital Campaign Plans.
We establish or reinvigorate  your Planned Giving Initiatives.

Board Development

We assess your current board of advisors, trustees, and working committees structure, processes, and make-up, identifying pros and opportunities for enhancements.
We work in coordination with executive and volunteer leadership, plus stakeholders to identify an ideal board composition and a recruitment process.
We develop through committee work, board education, onboarding, nomination processes, board training and engagement opportunities.


We help you build team alignment to succeed and give you the tools to track and measure progress along the way. 

Team and Individual Workplans

Whether we are “Discovering your team type” or “Designing for Strategic Action” we work with you and your team to gain understanding and develop a working plan for aligning your talent with your team goals.

Progress Tracking

We use people and workplace data to track and measure alignment to objectives, goals, outcomes and actions. 
We create dashboards specific to your organization’s needs for internal staff, executive and volunteer leadership.

Campaign Management

We create an infrastructure internally and externally with your teams and affiliated leadership volunteers to support campaign advancement.
We create processes and tasks that can be automated or streamlined to advance efficiencies and campaign effectiveness.
We identify and prioritize your target audience and constituent groups.

Standardization and Documentation

We establish “best” or actually best industry processes that can evolve your organization.
We work with your organization’s current CRM and documentation practices to drive  you and your teams towards more efficient, integrated, and automated processes.
We highlight the processes and provide the tools to allow analysis of historical and current data to analyze, pivot if necessary, and advance strategic initiatives.

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