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What we do


We help you clarify your vision, mission, and strategic direction.

Are your business plans murky? Are you clear on your goals and objectives? Do you know where you are going? Are you trying to go to Boston or Bangkok? Are you trying to get there fast or via  the scenic route? 


We help you develop an actionable plan to overcome hurdles, move forward and achieve success.

Do you have plans in place to accomplish your goals? Have you identified what success looks like? Do you know how you will measure it? Do you have a roadmap?


We help you build a team aligned to succeed and enable measurement along the way.

Is your team functioning like a well-oiled machine? Is everyone aligned and moving closer to the target? Do you know how to measure progress and alignment? 

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Team building & Non-profit advancement

Your organization needs a plan. Reaching your goals takes effort and resources to push you to the next level.  We are your guide and support throughout the course, ultimately positioning you to win.

How we do it


“What are you trying to solve or achieve? We facilitate you and your team to clarify your goals.”

  • Program Assessment and Benchmarking
  • Strategic Planning
  • Team Effectiveness
  • Business Model Development

“We help you develop an actionable plan to overcome hurdles, move forward and achieve success.”

  • Executive Coaching
  • Feasibility and Planning Studies
  • Develop Fundraising Programs
  • Board Development 

“We create and ensure measurement towards goals and how to check on them.”

  • Team and Individual Workplans
  •  Progress Tracking
  • Campaign Management
  • Standardization and Documentation
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